Dusk in Sa Dragonera
Sa Dragonera, biased image
Sa Dragonera, Natural Park  
  The Nature Reserve is formed by three islands: Pantaleu, Mitjana and Sa Dragonera; besides it has an important Area of Marine Influence that contains part of the resources that uses the fauna of the littoral of the park. As a whole 908 ha, of that 274 form the surface of the nature reserve.

It is separated of Majorca by a small channel (800 m) not much deep with sandy covered by Posidonia oceanica, a real submerged forest, many marine species' refuge.
Sa Dragonera  
  Sa Dragonera is placed in the Majorca's Westward, in front of Andratx, near Sant Elm. A discreet island, it is beauty like domestic things.

Geologically, it is a Serra de Tramuntana's prolongation, and it reproduce its structural characteristics: inclined towards the south and with cliffs to the northwest.

Its rocks' composition is chalky and for this it has numerous interesting cavities.

It is an long island (4 Km) and narrow (1 Km, at the most), its area is 288 ha and its height is 3.352 m, at the most.
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